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Flutes for sale

We offer flutes from about 2.2 shaku to about 3.2 shaku. Basically there are two different kinds of kyotakus: so called concert flutes (with seven joints including the root joints) and practice flutes (usually between three and 5 joints). If you are interested in any of the below kyotakus please contact me through email. Prices range from about 400 to 1500 Euro. I'll be happy to send you more fotos of the resp.flute. Since the demand for kyotakus has been quite strong lately I don't always find the time to keep this website updated. Therefore please take the flutes shown below just as samples of my work and feel free to enquire if you are looking for any specific type and/or length of kyotaku.
kyotaku sound samples
           Practice Flutes
Flute 1
Japanese Madake 2.6
Flute 2
Japanese Madake 2.5
Flute 3
Italian Bamboo 2.3
Flute 4
Italian Bamboo 2.7
Flute 5
Japanese Madake 2.6
Flute 6
Japanese Madake 2.9

        Concert Flutes
Flute 7
Japanese Madake 2.2
Flute 8
French Madake 2.4
Flute 9
Chinese Bamboo 2.3
Flute 10
Japanese Madake 2.6
Flute 11
Japanese Madake 2.7
Flute 12
2.7 Sold
Flute 13
French Mad. 2.5
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