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Koku Nishimura
Kyotaku: Koku Nishimura plays traditional Honkyoku music. Old 'cleaned' live recordings which have been digitally mastered.

The cd’s of Tilopa are (with the exception of ‘kyotaku live’ which mainly contains traditional pieces) meditative compositions and improvisation on kyotaku in combination with other instruments. They can all be ordered directly from Tilopa.
Turkishauch Out of the Blue

Kyotaku Live

by the way.......

Tilopa und Sangeet
Pictures of Silence
Kyotaku and mostly synthie guitar (fretless and fretted) as well as svarmandal. These are live recordings of several concerts given at an art exhibition in Cologne(Germany).

Free listening and downloading at very reasonable prices of all of Tilopa's CD's
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